Chalk Paints From Autentico

Reckage At Home Offers Chalk Painting Workshops
And Commission Pieces Can Be Taken.

We have both beginner and advanced classes which are held in our salvage yard. Contact us  for more class information.

Autentico Paint Course

Autentico Painting Welcome to the world of probably the best chalk paints, chalky wall paints and lime paints available.

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All chalk paints and lime paints we offer are waterbased, free of solvents and other harmfull additives (VOC low) and can even be used in situations where anti allergic and anti bacterial features are paramount. People call it eco paints, organic paints, environmentally friendly paints...we call it AUTENTICO

With a total of more than 140 hand picked colours we offer the most comprehensive colour palette in this range, so there is no need to mix colours yourself.

We did it all for you.


Autentico Workshop


Our experienced team of colour specialists composed a simply stunning colour scheme for all three paint types:

  • AUTENTICO VINTAGE, superb chalk paint for furniture. This decorative chalk paint is ideal for distressing furniture. No extensive priming needed and sticks to almost any surface;
  • AUTENTICO VELVET, our professional chalk paint for a superb finish on walls, kitchen cabinets, table tops and much, much more.
  • AUTENTICO VENICE, pure lime paint for the creation of stunning walls and to achieve the real aged French look on furniture.
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